SLICKSHIFT is F&G ACCESSORIES new patented entry in customizing the “HARLEY-DAVIDSON” Floorboard style motorcycles. Other Motorcycle brands will follow.

F&G ACCESSORIES introduced their new shifter at the 2004 Sturgis Rally.

The shifter has several features that provide the user with improved performance and comfort.

The shift levers are mounted on the standard lower portion of the floorboard. A new shorter shift lever and spacer replaces the two existing levers. The standard or custom foot pegs can be used. Linkages connect this lever underneath the floorboard to a front and rear lever mounted on the floorboard as shown in the photo. This gives the rider the entire floorboard to rest his foot. An easy motion forward downshifts. An easy motion rearward up-shifts. A rear only kit and lower faring kit is also available.

This easy shift action is also very fast as the lever action is shorter. F & G has been told that this may have drag racing applications. The shift action is very positive even at high acceleration.

The rider never has to raise his foot off the floorboard to shift. This has major advantages when shifting into neutral. Finding neutral is easier as the riders foot is resting on the floorboard and no longer requiring the larger thigh muscle. The forward – downshift -motion is also a more natural and balanced when coming to a complete stop on the big motorcycles.

Fast, comfortable, and easy to find neutral – Slickshift by F & G Accessories.

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